A new series of disc mowers

Addition to the KDF range of front mowers

Mowing header Lama 121 HD

The Lama 121 HD mowing header with side movement and front inspection door was designed mainly for maintenance of yards, car parks and circulation routes.

Olimp snow plows

Heavy duty Olimp snow plows have been especially designed to operate in the most difficult weather conditions. Ideal for commercial as well as residential contractors. Perfect for snow and ice management of parking lots, side streets, back roads or municipal streets, places with heavy snowfalls.

Utworzenie Ośrodka Badawczo-Rozwojowego firmy SaMASZ

Nous créons des solutions adaptées à vos besoins depuis plus de 35 ans

La nouvelle usine et le siège de la société SaMASZ

1000 Geplande nieuwe banen.
13 ha Ontwikkelingsruimte
3,5 ha Productiehallen met parkeerplaats en rioolwaterzuiveringsinstallatie.
Qualité confirmée par le certificat ISO 9001
Qualité confirmée par le certificat ISO 9001

Samasz avec le record Guinness!

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