Samasz Przetrzaszacz P10 1200 02

The new model of the SaMASZ tedder, like all the other tedders, ensures a high level of fodder cleanliness. With a working width of 12 metres, it is able to spread the green forage evenly over an area of almost 14 hectares in one hour. The short distance between the wheels and the tedder working fingers enables perfect adaptation to the ground, thus protecting the swath against soil contamination.

In addition, the hydraulically folding screen eliminates green forage losses during tedding at the edge of the field. The high tilt angle of the rotor guarantees a steeper swath trajectory, which completely reverses and aerates the swath, thus ensuring faster drying of the plants. The working rotors with the right diameter ensure even tedding, even in the case of heavy plants.

The machine is easy to transport, which is ensured by the central folding mechanism, patented by the SaMASZ designers. The machine is towed which means that it can be coupled with low power tractors. The robust and modern design of the chassis ensures easy manoeuvrability and stability during high transport speeds. The operator may adjust the working distance between the finger and the ground without leaving the tractor cab.

Working width [m / ft]2,80 / 1,40
Number of rotors [pcs.]10
Necessary hydraulic couplers2 x double acting
Working capacity [ha/h]~5,6 ha/h
Number of arms [pcs.]
Rotor diameter [cm]160
Power demand [HP]
from 80
Tires (with inner tubes)18 x 8,5 - 8
Weight [kg]2120
PTO shaft
tractor: tedder: with friction clutch
built-in: with overrunning clutch
3-point hitch cat.bar

Samasz Przetrzaszacz P10 1200 01

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